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I signed up for a job with WOW VIP Assistants.I thought, ok, this sounds legit.

I was getting weird assignments, but figured, screw it, its not like the guy has my personal info. So I started out by finding 10 limo companies. Got an email back with big praise from "Matt/Matthew Jacobs". My next assignment was to find a replacement for a piece of art based out of russia.

Even emailed this artist, who I now have no doubt is one and the same person. Next thing I know, Matt Jacobs *** up and signed his email as Michael Jacobs (a cover name for yet another on of his scam businesses). Then he asks for my bank account number, and RTN. I Have to warn you, this is not all of his companies.

I have been compiling information on this man since yesterday.

He operates under the following companies, which are all scams;

WOW!VIP SERVICES, LTI GLOBAL, MAGIC SERVICES, Simply DoIT Assistants, Simply Assistants, Steven WenzTM LLC Company, Wenz Services,

Review about: Work From Home.



Just got an email for a job from "Platinum LLC". The address on the "application" matches the one from WOW VIP Assistants.


It is no secret that WOW Vip Assistants is having financial problems.I am yet another x-employee that has not gotten paid.

WOW is not accredited by eithe IVAA or International Association of Outsourcing professionals.

Someone should do a better business bureau on WOW.For now I am going to pursue legal action against WOW - Should I have sucess in my pursuit of legal action I will pass on my strategy of "straightening out the split sheets".


Oh, well I actually thought this was legit.

I guess not considering he doesn't even change the assignments or the emails that he sends out.

Because mine were exactly like all of yours.Including the one from Celeste.

Although I did enjoy the work.Too bad its not for real.


I just read articles about matt and everything you guys said he sent me the same e-mails word from word.I am so upset about this. I dont have a job so i thought this would be a good one and than I find out about Matt Jacobs. I really dont understand how people can do this to people.


I am glad I found this blog.I was about to sign up with WOW VIP Assistants.

I was trying to confirm whether or not they were legitimate. I got suspicious when I could not find them on any of the sites they list at the bottom of their website that they are supposed to be members of.

Then I found this blog.Thank you for those who have posted so that others do not have to be taken advantage of, as well.


More emails from this loser Matt Jacobs. He is STILL emailing me and saying he is gonna pay me. Even though, we have spoken on the phone and I told him I know what he is doing, and he is a scamming peice of...yaaa. So here is the latest email, which he sent to me this morning...

Hi Celeste,

I just got back from vacations and would like to apologize for this delay with your compensation. Now when I am back there will be no further delays on our end.

Please confirm the account is still active. If there is ANY CHANGE, please let me know immediately, because this payment has to be processed asap.

Best regards, Matt Jacobs

Senior HR Manager

WOW VIP Assistants

Personal Assistants & Corporate Concierge Services


I guess I'm another victim of the russian assignment. I've been trying to reach him since last Thursday but no response


OMG this guy has just done the same thing to me exactly the same assignments and the same excuses I am royally P*****d with this guy, thankyou so much for posting this, at the same time i am also gutted that this was a fake job , at least I know I enjoyed the type of work............something I have never tryed my hand to


I do I was wondering can you trust wowvipassignments


Okay, so this saga continues. So I have been non-stop all over this situation. Including closing down my bank account, getting a new one, paying someone to watch my credit and my social security number across the board. I have actually called this *** repeatedly to let him know I know what he is doing. After speaking with him, he says to me "well do you have any suggestions?" Of course Im like "Ya, stop stealing money from people and pay them at least the money you owe them." Some name calling, followed by him laughing at me on the phone. This man thinks he will never be caught. So this morning, this is what I get;


As I promised, we had a meeting today in regards to the client payment for the art gallery and your compensation. It was decided to pay you regardless, having in mind you will be able to complete the art project same day with no delays.

Once your $1,000 compensation is received we shall start with a longer term employment. This art gallery payment task will be handled as an extra task any day it is deposited. Please make sure you keep your account ACTIVE because this information has already been sent over to the client.

Let me know when you get your two week trial payment. It will be processed by our accounting dept next business day.

Best regards, Matt Jacobs

Senior HR Manager

WOW VIP Assistants

Personal Assistants & Corporate Concierge Services

825 3rd Ave #311

New York, NY 10022


Tel: (347) 480-1838

Fax: (305) 675-7708

So I sent him and said oh yea, then where the hells my money for my two weeks of work?

This arrogant scammer sends back to me;

So you do not want to be paid?

If we have problems with you attitude I wall cancel both payments.

HAHAHAHA, all I can think is You mean the payment that you werent really gonna send anyway? HAHAHAHA.

He follows with an email;

Dear Celeste,

I know there is a delay with your payment. Considering your are not here you might have concerns about that. I would like to make sure everything is OK. Please be patient. You have no new tasks, only waiting for your paycheck. Once you see the money in the account everything will be fine. I mean this is important for you to receive your 1st paycheck. Delay was mostly because your trial period compensation was linked to the client payment. As I told you we will not wait for the client anymore, and you will get your compensation. In order to compensate this delay I have asked the client to send you $500 bonus instead of $300 in this project.

Once again, no new tasks, payment will be in a few days.

Best regards, Matt Jacobs

Senior HR Manager

WOW VIP Assistants

Personal Assistants & Corporate Concierge Services

I told him I am not gonna give up until I find him. I mean ***, since I didnt actually have a job, and dont have on know...what better thing do I have to do?? Im not giving up.

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